Each Pros-Aide Transfer you order will come with a complete set of written instructions inside the packaging.
However, if your instruction sheet happens to become lost or destroyed, you can always refer back to this page.

Peel the clear acetate sheet from the back of the prosthetic
                                        (If the prosthetic sticks, use a little 99% isopropyl alcohol & a Q-tip to separate).

2.       Cut the paper around the prosthetic, leaving at least inch.

3.       Hold the piece up to the area where it is intended to be applied; make certain that you are confident in the correct placement.

4.       Apply a small amount of Pros-Aide adhesive to the exposed back of the prosthetic, and to the area of skin where the prosthetic will be applied (be extra careful when applying around the eye area).

5.       Wait briefly for the wet & newly applied adhesive to become clear and dry, but still sticky.

6.       Keeping certain of the placement, press the sticky back of the piece lightly to the skin (paper side facing up).

7.       Gently, but thoroughly, press all areas of the piece down against the skin.

8.       Using a very damp cloth or sponge, wet the back piece of paper, while holding the prosthetic firmly in position.
            (Once damp enough, you will start to feel the paper slide off from the back of the                       prosthetic).

9.       After the paper has been completely dampened, slowly peel it off from the prosthetic completely.

10.   Use a Q-tip and 99% isopropyl alcohol to blend down any noticeable edges (again, taking extra caution when applying around the eye).

11.   Paint the piece using your choice of water, oil, or alcohol-based makeup.

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