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1.   Are your products (sculptures, masks, art, etc) for sale?

       We mostly create original one-of-a-kind art and special effects for clients, filmmakers, etc.  However, we are currently offering our Pros-Aide transfer prosthetics for sale in our online store (link button featured above), with more to come in the near future.

2.   What are the costs of the various services?
       Since the scope of each project is vastly unique, we determine a price only after an assesment of the individual needs of that project.  Feel free to drop us a line with any inquiries.  

 3.   Just who are you people!?
       See the Bio page.  From time to time, there may also be other artists involved, as projects demand.  The Bio page will be expanded accordingly.

 4.   Are you obsessed with blood-and-guts like some other special effects companies?

       Only if the project demands it!  If needed, the blood will flow.  Otherwise, we are mainly interested in pushing our artistic boundaries and creating fascinating, and sometimes horrifying, creatures and characters.    

5.   Can you show up on set and instantly create an elaborate prosthetic makeup job like a werewolf or an alien or some such thing?

       No.   The type of work involved in creating these custom prosthetic makeup characters requires a certain amount of pre-production time.   Think of it like having a set designed and built from scratch for your film.  The proper pre-production time, early discussion, and early access to the actor(s) will be necessary.

6.   Hey, none of my questions are answered here!  

       Please contact us with additional questions.  If necessary, we will expand the FAQ based on some of the things that are most commonly asked.      
        Thank you!                    

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